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Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Girls like glitter and clothes

I thinks it's interesting and frustrating how there seems to be this subtle need to defend fashion.   When I say fashion, I mean all things relating to the fascination and care of clothing (not just runway designs).    When I applied to college, I wrote my essay on sewing with my grandma, and further discussed my hopes to purse a dual degree in business and fashion.  I was thinking about my essay today, and felt a little tinge of embarrassment of writing my essay on fashion.  But then I became frustrated that there is this stigma surrounding fashion in the career and academia world.  Why should I feel embarrassed? To many people, fashion is a superficial industy full of glitter, lip gloss, floral dresses and other frivolous products.  Maybe it's the fact that girls feel the need to fit into a certain category or way of appearance that they feel the fashion industry imposes.  Or that the fashion industry has certain guidelines for how girls need to dress to be considered sexy and gorgeous.  Really though, what guys view as sexy is quite different than what the fashion and runway views as sexy.  Referencing of course, Man Repeller, I really don't think any average guy would be attracted to the designs coming down that runway.  Whether girls want to dress in crazy outfits or super sexy outfits, then I think that's great, if it makes them feel beautiful.   Fashion is really about feeling good about yourself.  It's about glitter and flowers because those things naturally induce happiness.  If it imposes any type of standards, I really believe it doesn't mean to.  Really, it's just about offering beautiful pieces to make you feel beautiful.  It's an entire industry about making girls and people feel good about themselves.  What could be more honorable than that!  If fashion is considered a space where any girl of any appearance has an opportunity to make herself feel beautiful, then I think that's amazing! Fashion shouldn't need defending.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.  I want it more than I can tell.  And for once it might be grand.  To have someone understand.  I want so much more than they've got planned.

Fairy Makeup

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Alice in Wonderland Mix

 Alice in Wonderland is such a special interesting story.  I just love how dark it really is in addition to Alice's amazing fashion.  I like thinking of Alice in Wonderland in terms of the tones, looks, and feel of: Black Swan, Sucker Punch, America Mcgee's Alice, and Zenescope's Wonderland series.  All these pieces contribute to the eerie tone of being uncomfortably lost in an alternate universe that possibly only resides in a psychological sense -- which I think is especially interesting. I wanted to make a mix along these lines of a beautiful dystopia.
These are the songs I came up with so far.

1.  Alice's Theme - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack

2.  Blue Veins - Regina Spektor

3.  Sweet Dreams - Sucker Punch Soundtrack

4.  Alice (Underground) - Avril Lavigne

5.  Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom (Coming Home)

6.  White Rabbit - Emiliana Torrini, Sucker Punch Soundtrack

7.  Alice - Pogo

8.  In a World of My Own - Disney's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack

9.  Secret - The Pierces

10.  Dream - The Pied Pipers (I love how eerie this song sounds)

11.  Sleepyhead - cover by Ellie Goulding

12.  Perfection - Black Swan soundtrack

13.  Trouble is a Friend - Lenka

14.  Everything at Once - Lenka

15.  All I Have to do is Dream - The Everly Brothers

I am Blooming!

I love how this is a mix of hope, naivety, and pretty.  (I think that 'pretty' should be a noun.)

What I Wore Today

These are cowboy boots not uggs!! I'm also wearing this jean purse my mom got me over summer. I think it's really cool because it looks kind of plain and ugly and uncool.  Thats what people don't get, only uncool stuff can be cool before everyone thinks it's cool! Once things are out of style then they can finally come back into style. This is how I feel about pink right now (the color, not the cool singer). I think pink for the most part gets a really bad rap.  People are very careful with their pink these days. No one in college really wears it or no one who wants to be taken seriously I guess. And people feel like they have to use pink in small doses, I think out of fear of being too girly, but really if pink is this uncool, thats when it's cool!! So right now I'm pretty much crazy for pink and all really really girly things. I too used to fear being too girly. I was into really muted tones like navy and blue and dark green. But it's been too long guys! We don't have to be so afraid of pink anymore or being too girly.  I think girly is really underrated right now and has been. People in general don't want to be too feminine. However I have come to the realization that that is completely crazy - because that's where we get out power.  I don't mean to shout over the mountains about girls' sexual power but it is a power nonetheless that we can tap into if we'd like.  That's just the thing though -we can if we'd like. Women have far more freedom than men in that we can really be whoever we want to be when it comes to our appearance, which is really a jumping point to whoever we want to be as people. Women have the freedom to be as girly or masculine ( i guess to an extent) as they like! I just mean we have so many options out there given all the icons, products, clothing, accessories, etc that are available to us.  We really can be whoever we want to be! (we just have to dress the part)

My Room!!

I just finished decorating my room and i'm really proud of how it turned out!   The theme i was going for was Disneyland's the matterhorn + fairy tale + haunted romantic winter .
 I got these really pretty halloween flowers to hang along my strand of twinkle lights.    I think black roses are so pretty.   Plus these roses have glitter on them!
 I also found these red glitter roses which reminded me of the beauty and the beast rose so i put together this little beauty and the beast tribute. At my wedding someday, I always thought it would be a cool idea if these were the centerpieces for the tables.

I wanted blue twinkle lights because I thought that was so pretty/whimsical when it was in Summer's room in 500 Days of Summer.

My favorite picture that I drew. ^
I think this hair headband wig thing looks really cool!
 I have been wanting a dream catcher for a while! This one is heart shaped!

 This tiny chandelier is actually a christmas ornament.  It's so undersized that it looks very alice in wonderland.   Beneath are small little mermaid trading cards.
 Instead of buying frames for my favorite pictures, I used black electrical tape.
 I made this little alice in wonderland decoration/banner from a children's alice in wonderland storybook.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I Wore

American Apparel skirt, Forever 21 shirt. 

What I Wore

What I Wore

Today I found out about that What I Wore Today blog and I thought it was the cutest idea so I thought I would catalog/draw what I wear each day too.  My outfits really are special to me and I think this will be a fun way to remember them as well as a collection of what happened that day.  Remembering what I wore a certain day helps me remember how that day went.  Anyways, I'm really looking forward to doing this and drawing more!