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Monday, September 19, 2011

Girls like glitter and clothes

I thinks it's interesting and frustrating how there seems to be this subtle need to defend fashion.   When I say fashion, I mean all things relating to the fascination and care of clothing (not just runway designs).    When I applied to college, I wrote my essay on sewing with my grandma, and further discussed my hopes to purse a dual degree in business and fashion.  I was thinking about my essay today, and felt a little tinge of embarrassment of writing my essay on fashion.  But then I became frustrated that there is this stigma surrounding fashion in the career and academia world.  Why should I feel embarrassed? To many people, fashion is a superficial industy full of glitter, lip gloss, floral dresses and other frivolous products.  Maybe it's the fact that girls feel the need to fit into a certain category or way of appearance that they feel the fashion industry imposes.  Or that the fashion industry has certain guidelines for how girls need to dress to be considered sexy and gorgeous.  Really though, what guys view as sexy is quite different than what the fashion and runway views as sexy.  Referencing of course, Man Repeller, I really don't think any average guy would be attracted to the designs coming down that runway.  Whether girls want to dress in crazy outfits or super sexy outfits, then I think that's great, if it makes them feel beautiful.   Fashion is really about feeling good about yourself.  It's about glitter and flowers because those things naturally induce happiness.  If it imposes any type of standards, I really believe it doesn't mean to.  Really, it's just about offering beautiful pieces to make you feel beautiful.  It's an entire industry about making girls and people feel good about themselves.  What could be more honorable than that!  If fashion is considered a space where any girl of any appearance has an opportunity to make herself feel beautiful, then I think that's amazing! Fashion shouldn't need defending.

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