This is a little blog of my sketches, drawings, dresses and other items I've designed and constructed, videos I've made, photographs I've taken and manipulated, various projects I've worked on, as well as other separate things that I really like!

Monday, May 31, 2010

i love this outfit!! i love the seventies little top (got it at Aardvarks on melrose). (kind of a stupid picture tho haha)
here i am at a park. my eyeliner never stays on like this!

right now i really want these clothes from forever 21!!:

okay so this summer when i get back home where my sewing machine is im for sure going to try to make a miu miu dress (spring 2010). i cant wait. i want one of them so badly..the collars the sleeves the cut-outs...simply orgasmic. i hope it turns out okay!

Monday, May 24, 2010

what an orgasmic little video :)

Florence & The Machine "Rabbit Heart" PMS from PrettyMonkeyStudio on Vimeo.

miu miu clogs
alexa chung in chanel
(here i am!) i like light pink slips/nightgowns with black.

blue is my favorite color

the matterhorn

i got this fabric @ Ikea and i loved it because it reminds me of the matterhorn!! and i love light blue and black of course!
another drawing of the old juicy ad :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

when someone tells you this isn't a fairy tale

i drew this a couple days ago.
i love this because it's my favorite disney princess and she's drawn as juliet from the leo-claire danes version.