This is a little blog of my sketches, drawings, dresses and other items I've designed and constructed, videos I've made, photographs I've taken and manipulated, various projects I've worked on, as well as other separate things that I really like!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

black skirts

I am wearing a target (erin fetherston) go international black skirt from target with my aunt's old velvet dancer pullover, forever 21 tights, and thrifted shoes (from All Things Right and Relevant). My friend laura, is wearing a black skirt from forever 21 and a thrifted cashmere sweater (with a peter pan collar!).

a couple outfits: forever 21 ann d almosts (shoes), thrifted black skirt that i shortened, thrifted red blouse, thrifted light pink slip
(my camera really sucks btw ahah)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

anything for chanel

i came across this and got so excited haha. needless to say i will definitely be making this ha!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

cinderella shoes

cinderella glittery shoes from forever 21. 
here's what ive been wearing. handmade cotton skirt with erin fetherston top, thrifted blouse with tie, thrifted character dancing shoes, thrifted black men's lace-up  shoes.
. . .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ann d wannabes

ann demeulemeester knock-offs from forever 21! LOL

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new shoes!

I just got these vintage shoes yesterday at the antique mall in pasadena. i looove themm:) they remind me of those shoes carrie on sex and the city gets except she gets them in light purple ( i think they were dolce &gabbana, which these def aren't--- they're frederick's of hollywood. but i love them just the same!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

a few of my favorite things

ok right now im obsessed with black and light so tempted to get light pink highlights but im kind of chicken. but i do have these three extensions (1) that i got for only $10 down in santee alley! o and i was also able to pick up some $5 knock off chanel fake glasses(3)! lol
(2) is this pouch necklace i made for my phone awhile ago but i think  it would also be cool if you used it for you ipod too. (4) is this really cool nail polish i picked up at forever has like purple pink and navy sparkles in it which is such a cool color combo...
not a great pic to show off the sparkles but owell

my mom got me this picture a couple weeks ago. it's kind of scary looking, i know, but thats kind of why i like it haha
a classic...
bye for now<3


Here are some little mermaid trading cards that i picked up at the antique mall in pasadena.. i love this pic of ariel

i think im going to try and make some necklaces out of the trading cards and i also want to make necklaces out of the so cute forever 21 tags - the tags where you want to buy the shirt basically because the tag is so cute! ill post some pics of the necklaces later if they turn out ok!

here is a dress ive been working on .. it's made out of a black lace slip and another lacey dress.. it still needs a zipper so the bust is kind of drooopy  !

here 's this earring holder i made out of an ikea picture frame , i thought it kind matched the dress lol
ok here is this marie antoinette slip dress i made over this shift dress i made awhile ago .. kind of a werid combo but i kind of like it :)

and here's what i wore today: an h&m skater top with some american apparel bloomer shorts with my wannabe carrie bradshaw nameplate necklace lol