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Monday, August 10, 2009

a few of my favorite things

ok right now im obsessed with black and light so tempted to get light pink highlights but im kind of chicken. but i do have these three extensions (1) that i got for only $10 down in santee alley! o and i was also able to pick up some $5 knock off chanel fake glasses(3)! lol
(2) is this pouch necklace i made for my phone awhile ago but i think  it would also be cool if you used it for you ipod too. (4) is this really cool nail polish i picked up at forever has like purple pink and navy sparkles in it which is such a cool color combo...
not a great pic to show off the sparkles but owell

my mom got me this picture a couple weeks ago. it's kind of scary looking, i know, but thats kind of why i like it haha
a classic...
bye for now<3

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  1. I love those vintagesque round sunglasses. And Thumbelina is such a classic.