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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Alice in Wonderland Mix

 Alice in Wonderland is such a special interesting story.  I just love how dark it really is in addition to Alice's amazing fashion.  I like thinking of Alice in Wonderland in terms of the tones, looks, and feel of: Black Swan, Sucker Punch, America Mcgee's Alice, and Zenescope's Wonderland series.  All these pieces contribute to the eerie tone of being uncomfortably lost in an alternate universe that possibly only resides in a psychological sense -- which I think is especially interesting. I wanted to make a mix along these lines of a beautiful dystopia.
These are the songs I came up with so far.

1.  Alice's Theme - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack

2.  Blue Veins - Regina Spektor

3.  Sweet Dreams - Sucker Punch Soundtrack

4.  Alice (Underground) - Avril Lavigne

5.  Shiny Toy Guns - Major Tom (Coming Home)

6.  White Rabbit - Emiliana Torrini, Sucker Punch Soundtrack

7.  Alice - Pogo

8.  In a World of My Own - Disney's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack

9.  Secret - The Pierces

10.  Dream - The Pied Pipers (I love how eerie this song sounds)

11.  Sleepyhead - cover by Ellie Goulding

12.  Perfection - Black Swan soundtrack

13.  Trouble is a Friend - Lenka

14.  Everything at Once - Lenka

15.  All I Have to do is Dream - The Everly Brothers

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